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Via Padova 267, MILANO (Tel: 338 8870932)
Don't esitate to contact me!  
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The Scomodina on Fuori Salone 2019, Milano. (Last updated on 30 Aprile 2019)

The Ri_cicletta on Fuori Salone 2019, Milano.

The Ri_cicletta on Fuori Salone 2019, Milano.

Sicam 2017, my stand.
(Last updated 30-04-2019)

Sicam, Pordenone Italy 2018. My stand.

The Vespa Teresa on Fuorisalone, Milano 2016
Piazza del Carmine, Milano

The Vespa Teresa on Fuorisalone, Milano 2016
Piazza Castello, Milano

The Vespa Teresa on Fuorisalone, Milano 2016

One of my last creatures, a Fiat 500 L from 1969 lined with 5150 pieces of wood from every corner of the planet.

my 500 KUBE in Milan during the 500 days to the Parco Sempione

the Fiat 500 L, 1969.
5150 pieces of wood, over 200 varieties, three months of work just to glue all the pieces, over three years to cut the parts you need, nearly 20 years to raise this verietà of wood species ...

500 Kube, i feel wood presso Ligna 2015, Hannover
Hanover, May 11 to 15, in Hall. 11 of LIGNA 2015 in booth SCM will premiere the all-new 500 Kube, sister of Teresa Vespa, exhibited at the showroom of SCM Group of Rimini throughout the period of implementation of the project ...

500 Kube
we are the very first steps, any object can be useful to help in the enterprise ...

500 Kube - i feel wood-
Cerejeira bocote maggiociondolo sucupira putumujù angelim rajado. These are the names of just some of the over 200 types of wood that Luciano Molinari - craftsman and artist - has processed on Minimax and Scm machines for his “500 kube” artwork, a 1969 Fiat 500 L completely covered with blocks of wood. The woods are of all types, it is a genu- ine “re-cycled artwork” that emphasizes the precious value of this material and its unique ability to be used again and again to create something new. It also underlines the respect we owe this splendid material and the way a sensitive spirit can use it to create works of immense expressiveness. "For the last twenty years, I have been collecting all the wood I can find" explains Molinari, “and I use it to express whatever I like. I have always worked with wood. I began by building and repairing fur- niture until I began to make real wood bo- oklets, small 32 millimetre cubed blocks of wood made from any kind of wood arranged in a box along with a description card. Then I began collecting sawdust too and packing it into small bottles, because all these woods are natural and they all have their own special fragrances and precious sensations ... each one is completely unique.” Molinari has transformed his genuine pas- sion for wood into an expressive art form and the common motif is the idea of giving new life and meaning to certain icons of “Italian Style”, milestones of that unique Italian ability to merge product and imagi- nation, dream and object. These works are dedicated to Aldo Rossi’s “Cupola” coffee maker, as is the covering – again made from a few thousand blocks of different types of wood – of a 1963 Vespa 50, another icon of Italian design, that now greets visitors at the Scm Group showroom in Rimini. It was right in the Scm Group showroom, that Molinari moved to begin work on his “500 kube”. A powerful artwork that captu- res the expression and unique manner of woodworking that this craft-artist achie- ves using traditional Minimax and Scm machines. The work will be completed and on show at the Scm Group stand in pavilion 11 at Ligna 2015, the hall of the tradeshow dedicated to machines for craftsmen and small and medium-sized businesses. The ideal envi- ronment for Molinari to continue this new experience that combines art, wood, design, technology, dexterity and creativity.

Contemporary Art Exhibition together Alessandro Mutto sculptor. Hotel Regina Adelaide a Garda (VR)
From July 18 to August 3, 2014 we held the exhibition called SYNERGY, with Alessandro Mutto sculptor and myself.

The Vespa Teresa
Circa 200 tipi di varietà diverse di legni provenienti dai 5 continenti per rivestire questa Vespa 50 del 1963

Teresa, my first Vespa Wood presented at Xylexpo 2014.
I wanted a wasp in wood and here it is. After years of research and planning, I finally finished my latest work. Coated with about 200 types of wood coming from 5 continents, a Vespa 50 L of 1963 revised the light after years in the cellar ...

The Master Gualtiero Marchesi with my top ...
Saying "Marquis" is like saying "Big Kitchen".
Throughout the world his name is a symbol of creativity and imagination.
Gualtiero Marchesi -
one might say -
does not need any introduction.
Needless to waste words: the "master" know it all.

Ylenia Molinari at Fuorisalone 2013
Ylenia Molinari at Fuorisalone 2013 in the post dedicated to the trick. From Altavia, Milan.

The evenings of the Circle of Wood at the Museum Riva 1920
A pleasant chat on the wood at the Museum Riva 1920 with more than 160 fans. November 2012

Molinari and daughter at Fuorisalone 2013 from Altavia Milan.
Ylenia Molinari at Fuorisalone 2013 in the post dedicated to the trick.

Show HANDICRAFTS Feltre 28 \ 29 \ 30 June 1 July 2012
Have a look to see who has passed the 26th edition of the artistic di Feltre 2012, the great Diego Della Palma ...

Creative workshop for children
The legendary Lollo proudly shows his creature made ​​during the creative laboratory in the Archives of Giovanni Sacchi, Sesto San Giovanni (MI), imitating her expression ...

WAS 1: un senso per il design (a sense for design)
Wood and his memories ... Together the company of the Legendary Gianpiero Rivolta

WAS 1: un senso per il design (a sense for design)
Wood and his stories ... In this case, a monster piece of redwood about 2 million years!

WAS 1: un senso per il design (a sense for design)
The wood and its characteristics ... The observation of a piece of Kauri millenarian more than 30,000 years!

WAS 1: un senso per il design (a sense for design)
Laboratory smell, the discovery of the scent of wood during the creative laboratory in the Archives of Giovanni Sacchi, Sesto San Giovanni (MILANO, ITALY).

My spins in Shanghai
Show: Italy: "The truth of materials"

3 of my tops are exhibited in Italy: "The truth of materials" The “Italy: Truth of Materials” exhibition that Triennale di Milano and Shanghai Expo Group organize and present, wants to offer the opportunity of helping the Chinese public to get nearer Italian culture and know it in its dimensions of manufacturing/design production and cultural heritage, at the same time giving Italian companies the opportunity of being present with their products and events. The concept of the exhibition focuses on “materials”, which means that it aims to present the creative, design and production qualities inherent in the pieces that are part of the exhibition and intrinsically and inextricably linked to the quality and characteristics of their “raw material”. The title of the exhibition, The Truth of Materials, aims at emphasising the fact that the material is not only a "means" used to create an artefact, but actually contains the real conceptual nature of the final work. With this in mind we can understand the entire culture of contemporary design and the artistic expressions rooted in Italian culture and, at the same time, appreciate the increasingly important technological aspect of working materials, cutting them and processing them according to a plan. Therefore, this approach allows us to give due importance to “production” and the places where this takes place: factories, mills, workshops and laboratories are places of extraordinary creativity, where the material is technically turned into a piece of art or design. The role of material processing is not secondary to the role of the artistic/creative idea, but it is indeed an inseparable part of one process. The exhibition offers visitors a “journey” through a big workshop on contemporary design and Italian art, presented with multimedia technology, where artefacts are part of a story based on experience and supported by didactic communication, where the selected pieces become specimens of a particular approach to the art of processing that specific material, in a given phase in the long history of Italian culture. At the same time, the story of the finest examples of Italian technology, innovation and research will become intertwined with artistic and historical narration, permeating it by turning the past into the present and future.

The coffee pot designed by Aldo Rossi for Alessi. Made to the Archives Giovanni Sacchi, Sesto San Giovanni Milan.
In the right there are roughly 1,700 pieces, the big left approximately 20,000 pieces.

DI' LEGNO, SAY WOOD, 21 October - 11 November 2011
Work exhibited in the exhibition
at the Archive Giovanni Sacchi,
Sesto San Giovanni (MILANO, ITALY).
From October 21 to November 11, 2011

DI' LEGNO, SAY WOOD, 21 October - 11 November 2011
Work exhibited in the exhibition
at the Archive Giovanni Sacchi,
Sesto San Giovanni (MILANO, ITALY).
From October 21 to November 11, 2011

Xylotheque of The wood used by GIUSEPPE MAGGIOLINI.
(N.B. for the translations I used GOOGLE TRANSLATOR)
Xylotheque of MAGGIOLINI,
made by the cabinetmaker Luciano Molinari,
is based on scientific research of Prof. Stefano Berti,
CNR Ivalsa - Florence, ITALY
The collection, truly unparalleled, due to the wide rage of materials and absolute reliability.Research works and construction of xylotheque by Luciano Molinari cabinetmaker Milan. Xylotheque: from the greek Xilon = wooden casket = container and collected for scientific purposes stems from, at a distance of 200 years after the death of the master cabinetmaker GIUSEPPE MAGGIOLINI, to illustrate what was one of the strengths of his wonderful works. The collection is the only one of its kind in variety and reliability, in view of the fact that the original built in 1800 by Don Giacomo Mezzanzanica mentioned in the biography 'GENIUS AND WORK', has lost all traces. The xylotheque was a colorful palette of colors,
with masterly skill,
Beetles used for his exquisite marquetry,
with all the difficulties that the period could impose.
86 woods, each with characteristics,
perfumes and, in particular,
yields different chromatic.
The collection was donated to the Museum of Science and Technology in Milan
and is awaiting a permanent and permanent location.