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Via Padova 267, MILANO (Tel: 338 8870932)
Don't esitate to contact me!  
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  Real Time THUNDERSTORMS: The site for windsurf enthusiasts like me ...
  ISTITUTO IVALSA CNR di FIRENZE. Research carried out by Professors NARDI BERI and Stefano Berti IVALSA CNR Institute of Florence, about 86 types of wood used by GIUSEPPE MAGGIOLINI in his admirable inlays.
  STEFANO DIANA and its meraviglose compositions wood ...
  LA TRUCIOLARA, interesting touch for those who want to get closer to the art of wood turning.
  DISSEZIONI - the appointment with the art, culture and curiosities of life and imagining, conceived and organized by Workshop of the Clouds in Space Morgagni, laboratory plurisciplinare near the Fiera di Verona.
  LA MELA ROSA Bead and Breakfast in Amandola (FM) in the National Park of Monti Sibillini. The kindness and hospitality of the family Betts will enchant transporting you in a dimension of other times ...
  DEEP RIVERS LUMBERíS, Travel in Canada to the discovery and recovery of submerged logs in the lakes and rivers of Quebec.
  VIDEO ARTICLE ABOUT ME ON THE WEB, also in English and Chinese...
  A 360-DEGREE VIRTUAL TOUR at my tiny workshop in Milan
  WELCOME CANTU ', non-profit association that brings together young emerging artists.
  ITALYMOOD, the commercial site Craft Italian class ...
  RICHARD COTER, born '1973, one of the most talented Italian turners, a must see!
  For a tour of the virtual world made of wood scents, not to be missed!
  The Wood Identification Laboratory is located in Turin, Italy. The identification is performed through the use of light microscopic analysis combined with non-anatomical tools such as UV light analysis.
  METEOLECCO, the wind charts in the last 24 hours. For apprentices ...